Double-chamber systems
The design developed by Christ places the ice condenser directly below the drying chamber. The large opening creates ideal flow conditions for water vapour.

Especially at the start of the drying process, undesirably large pressure differences between the drying chamber and the ice condenser chamber can occur if the opening is not large enough to handle the enormous quantities of water vapour released during drying. A large opening significantly increases the performance and cost-effectiveness of the system. Temperature-sensitive materials can be dried reliably with this design.

Advantages of Christ double-chamber systems:

  • The ice condenser can be accessed and checked easily through the chamber door opening
  • Easy cleaning of the drying and ice condenser chambers
  • Minimised seals simplify service and maintenance
  • Large cross-section between drying and ice condenser chambers with largely unimpeded water vapour transport to the ice condenser
  • Short water vapour paths increase efficiency and reduce operating costs
  • Virtually no pressure drop between drying and ice condenser chambers, so even sensitive and difficult substances with low eutectic point or solidification points can be dried
  • Fully automatic sterilisation process steam-sterilisable units, including cooling down and vacuum test
  • Easily validation for compliance with all national and international regulations
  • Compact design