Spray Lock Food


Designed as stationary spray locks and cleaning systems, the spray-misting locks for the meat sector are a versatile and adaptable product line. The spray decontamination requirement for lock products is ideally met (organically or using alcohols or chemical disinfectants). Especially in areas where sausage products are boiled, smoked or cooked in protective casings and then stored in cooling zones, surface contamination occurs naturally and can lead to major problems in the processing area.

The technology: The use of special nozzle technology ensures the medium is optimally distributed. This means that fast cycle times (from five to 15 minutes depending on the load) can be easily achieved with validated processes. Alcoholic or chemical surface disinfectants as well as pure water can be used for surface disinfection. The spray locks can also be used to clean and disinfect transport equipment, storage systems, trays or other production equipment.

The advantages: Automated or semi-automated cleaning and decontamination processes increase safety and are a great advantage for effective production. Based on various spray lock concepts, we can design user-specific systems and processes. If necessary or in critical cases, processes are calculated and matched with modern CFD simulations.