As people tend to be the greatest risk of contamination, the implementation of personnel airlocks in the working area is an important issue.

The status quo: Conventional personnel air showers are designed exclusively for cleaning particles and as barrier systems between cleanroom classes. Scientific studies have demonstrated the cleaning efficiency of different manufacturers’ products, technologies and processes, and the cleaning effect is generally considered to be very low.

The innovation: The PDc-Personnel Air Lock is a highly effective and certified personnel airlock with JET-nozzle technology for the physical cleaning of particles and photodynamic disinfection technology for minimizing microbiological contamination.

The technology: Two main functions are the basis of the PDc-Personnel Air Locks: On the one hand, demonstrable and validatable and highly efficient particle cleaning. On the other, the main focus is on effective disinfection of the clothing.

The advantages: The airlock processes can be variably adjusted to suit the respective requirements and can be used with all necessary functions for both loading and unloading.