Ortner leverages special technology to meet both the requirements of the meat industry and state-of-the-art cleanroom technology: FlowLine DecAx is a complex laminar flow system with an integrated sterilization system. It is specifically designed to prevent microbiological recontamination.

The technology: DecAx is a cleanroom system specifically designed for processing and primary packaging: It filters the air and sterilizes the interior surfaces of devices based on a low turbulence displacement flow. The system´s 2-stage design is referred to as “hurdle technology”. The DecAx product line easily meets the stringent requirements in terms of product safety and germ reduction when it comes to processing meat, delicatessen and sausage products.

The advantages: Microbiological cleanliness combined with the fast drying of machines and processing rooms thanks to sorption technology result in only short interruptions to production and high-quality end products. Surface decontamination in the interior areas of the systems and the effective treatment of the filter cells allow the service life of HEPA filter media to be extended to 5-7 years (instead of the conventional 12-16 months) in microbiologically contaminated areas.