The hygienic Forced Air Coolers are cleanroom systems that have been specially developed to meet stricter hygiene requirements. They constitute a real alternative to conventional room air coolers thanks to filter and sterilization technology. Applications range from general cold-storage rooms to cooled production rooms.

The technology: Designed as a room protection concept, hygienic forced air coolers operate based on the principle of low-turbulence mixed flow. The flow generated in the process is ideally suited to optimally distribute the cooled air in the surrounding area without producing high turbulence or strong air drafts. To minimize the microbiological risk, the hygienic forced air coolers come equipped with two filter stages (1x coarse filter and 1x HEPA filter) and integrated UVc-sterilization in addition to the high-performance cooling coil.

The advantages: Hygienic forced air coolers are purely interior recirculation systems (without any air ducts or connections to infrastructure ventilation systems). In combination with air dehumidifiers or in rooms with a relative humidity of <50% rh, media temperatures of -7 °C can be used. Doing so even helps you achieve low room temperatures or high cooling capacities.