Air Decontamination Systems 

Air Decontamination Systems « هوای بهداشتی-FLOW Line « 

Air Decontamination Systems

Laminarflow CleanCloud


PDc-Textile Air Duct System

Laminarflow DecAx



Clean Cloud

Molds and spores can be great challenges in the production and processing of baked goods. The prevention of contamination by microorganisms is of highest priority in the early stage of the production process. CleanCloud combines advanced intelligent technology with microbiological safety and elegant industrial design.

CleanCloud’s concept is a modular system which guarantees highest flexibility in its use at a conveyor belt production line. This module draws in the ambient air, the air is cleaned, and introduced directly back in the working area. The production process is safe and clean with CleanCloud.



Ortner leverages special technology to meet both the requirements of the meat industry and state-of-the-art cleanroom technology: FlowLine DecAx is a complex laminar flow system with an integrated sterilization system. It is specifically designed to prevent microbiological recontamination.

The technology: DecAx is a cleanroom system specifically designed for processing and primary packaging: It filters the air and sterilizes the interior surfaces of devices based on a low turbulence displacement flow. The system´s 2-stage design is referred to as “hurdle technology”. The DecAx product line easily meets the stringent requirements in terms of product safety and germ reduction when it comes to processing meat, delicatessen and sausage products.

The advantages: Microbiological cleanliness combined with the fast drying of machines and processing rooms thanks to sorption technology result in only short interruptions to production and high-quality end products. Surface decontamination in the interior areas of the systems and the effective treatment of the filter cells allow the service life of HEPA filter media to be extended to 5-7 years (instead of the conventional 12-16 months) in microbiologically contaminated areas.


Hygienic Cube


Since the food production facilities are often difficult to keep germ-free on all surfaces, Ortner has developed flexible equipment such as the hygienic cube. Hygienic cubes are autonomous units that ensure permanent air circulation.

The technology: The cleanroom quality is achieved by means of the dilution principle. Their high air volume makes hygienic cubes ideally suited for meeting cleanroom requirements. Application areas include both large and small room volumes, such as production rooms, logistics and transfer areas, pre-production, processing and primary packaging as well as cooling areas.

The advantages: The system operates exclusively in recirculation mode. The particle and microbiologically contaminated production air is sucked in by the hygienic cube, filtered free of particles, sterilized with UVc-irradiation and discharged. The system is designed to allow installation of the clean air outlet on one side, two sides, three sides or even on all four sides.






Hygienic Forced Air Cooler

The hygienic Forced Air Coolers are cleanroom systems that have been specially developed to meet stricter hygiene requirements. They constitute a real alternative to conventional room air coolers thanks to filter and sterilization technology. Applications range from general cold-storage rooms to cooled production rooms.

The technology: Designed as a room protection concept, hygienic forced air coolers operate based on the principle of low-turbulence mixed flow. The flow generated in the process is ideally suited to optimally distribute the cooled air in the surrounding area without producing high turbulence or strong air drafts. To minimize the microbiological risk, the hygienic forced air coolers come equipped with two filter stages (1x coarse filter and 1x HEPA filter) and integrated UVc-sterilization in addition to the high-performance cooling coil.

The advantages: Hygienic forced air coolers are purely interior recirculation systems (without any air ducts or connections to infrastructure ventilation systems). In combination with air dehumidifiers or in rooms with a relative humidity of <50% rh, media temperatures of -7 °C can be used. Doing so even helps you achieve low room temperatures or high cooling capacities.




PDc- Textile Duct System

PDc-Textile duct system


درطول این داکت ها از رشد پنهانی میکروب ها جلوگیری به عمل می آید.

 PDc-Dastat textile با کیفیت بالا به عنوان یک فیلتر اضافی Grade F7 کار می کند.

با پرده ای باریک و هوایی خالص در فرآیندهای کاری قابل معرفی است.

طراحی سیستم های نصب و اندازه گیری امکان دسترسی آسان به مجاری پارچه ای منابع نوری را فراهم می کند.

 PDc-Dastat fabric قابل شستشو بوده و فعالیت ضد میکروبی آن، حتی بعد از 80 دور شستشو به اثبات رسیده است.



هپا کارت

Hepa Cart


هپا کارت شرکت (Laminarflow carts) ORTNER برای حمل و نقل به دور از آلودگی یا ذخیره سازی موقت از محصولات مهم در اتاق تمیز و یا مناطق ایمنی طراحی شده است. برای مثال هپاکارت ها، برای بارگذاری و حمل و نقل از واحد lyophilization مطابق با مقررات رایج استفاده می شود. محفظه ذخیره سازی می تواند از هر دو طرف از طریق درهای کشویی عمودی قفل شونده عمل کرده و در نتیجه بالاترین انعطاف پذیری بارگذاری ممکن را تضمین کند. برای اطمینان از انطباق با الزامات، هپاکارت های شرکت ORTNER به فن فیلتر مجهز شده است. یک واحد باتری با ظرفیت بالا فن و سیستم درایو به صورت خودکار و با یک ماژول کنترل لمسی -۲ حرکته مخصوص اپراتور را فراهم می کند. چرخ با حرکت اپراتور به طور طبیعی پیروی می کند.

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