Conventional wardroom systems for cleanroom or hygiene clothing are designed exclusively for storing the clothing. Version, design and technology are generally not very different. The PDc-Wardrobe System from Ortner, on the other hand, is a completely new process for the flexible and safe disinfection of clothing.

The technology: Photodynamic disinfection is based on lighting technology in the cabinets and specially manufactured and dyed clothing. The wardrobe cabinets are also designed as standard as cleanroom cabinets with mechanical ventilation and HEPA filters that protect the clothing against contamination. An ingenious technology guarantees both energy-optimized functioning and safe surface disinfection of the textile. The PDc wardrobe system is designed for both small businesses with individually assigned wardrobes and large wardrobes for multiple employees.

The cabinets are made of special HPL panels and are available as single cabinets or cabinet lines. The florescent lighting technology and electronics are installed with an occupancy monitoring system, a process control system and a safety system. The operating status is indicated by LED signal lamps. Occupancy monitoring ensures that the cabinet is not in operation when empty.